Episode 170

The Soul Talk Episode 170: Exploring MindFlavors® and Releasing Limiting Beliefs with Carl Hunter and Amy Huentelman

In this enlightening episode of the Soul Talk podcast, Monica Ramirez, the Warrior of Love, sits down with Carl Hunter and Amy Huentelman to discuss groundbreaking new technologies that revolutionize self-development and consciousness expansion.

Carl introduces MindFlavors® 🌈, a cutting-edge technology that merges ancient truths with modern insights to amplify consciousness and empower subconscious potential. This transformative method works to overwrite the ego mind, creating the changes we've been searching for.

Amy shares inVigor8™ 🧘‍♀️, her own 8-minute daily energetic cleanse that integrates meditation, connected breathing, and imagination. This practice helps individuals release resistance, elevate energy, and expand consciousness at a cellular level.

Together, they discuss how these innovative techniques can help remove limiting beliefs and create the life you want to experience. Their collaborative approach offers a fun and easy way to enhance intelligence, strengthen relationships, improve health, and achieve financial prosperity.

The trio also introduces a new group program starting on June 12th 🌱, where listeners can experience these technologies firsthand and expand their conscience. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your life!

More about Carl Hunter and Amy Huentelman:

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General Inquiries: Email MindFlavors 📧mindflavors@gmail.com

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