Episode 172

The Soul Talk Episode 172: Transform stage fright into stage confidence with Diann Alexander

 πŸŽ€The Soul Talk Episode 172: "Transform stage fright into stage confidence with Diann Alexander! 🎀🌟"

In this episode of Soul Talk, host Monica Ramirez the Warrior of Love engages in a powerful conversation with Diann Alexander on the topic of public speaking. Diann provides valuable tips on controlling the nervous system and feeling comfortable on stage in an easy, practical way. She also guides listeners through an exercise to awaken the sympathetic nervous system to help achieve stage confidence.

About Diann Alexander:

Diann Alexander is a Confidence Catalyst, Public Speaker, Voice & Performance Coach, and 3-time Amazon best-selling author. With over 50 years of teaching voice, performance, and directing at universities and regional theaters, Diann expertly guides heart-centered entrepreneurs, speakers, and coaches to transform stage fright into stage confidence. This allows them to authentically connect with audiences and make a more inspired, profitable impact.

Connect with Diann Alexander:

Website 🌐https://diannalexander.com/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/diann.alexander.23 

Connect with Monica Ramirez:

Website 🌐https://www.monicaramirezwarrioroflove.com/

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